Connecting the supply and demands sides of Innovation.


From its initial launch as TechNOLAgy to the present, NX was founded with a singular vision to promote economic growth and technological innovation, and to position Louisiana as a global competitor in the market. The first conference in 2013 at the University of New Orleans brought together a roster of experts in the field of science and technology through the Louisiana Economic Development Association (LEDA) Educational Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit established by Rene Rosenthal. Building on the resounding success of the first conference, TechNOLAgy 2014 developed into a three-day conference hosted by Xavier University and attendance grew exponentially – a clear sign of the interest and need for this visionary gathering.

In early 2015, organizers rebranded the conference under the NX banner to broaden the scope and attract an even wider audience of the best and the brightest entrepreneurs in the Gulf South. Innovations in technology are still at the core of this high-impact, forward-thinking conference, but as we've grown, NX has expanded to meet the expectations of our attendees. NX 2015 is about the full spectrum of innovation – the big ideas that change the way we live and power economic development.